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SoleMate Spotlight: Kathy Westervelt

Posted 8/26/2015 | Coach Stories

Beginning in 2012, Kathy has dedicated her time and energy as a coach and a SoleMate for Girls on the Run. She tied her SoleMates fundraising efforts to training for this year’s Tri at the Grove . . . and...

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Sports Physicals with Heresco Chiropractic & Associates

Posted 7/27/2015 | What's new?

Heresco Chiropractic & Associates has partnered with Girls on the Run Willamette Valley since nearly the beginning. That's seven years of hands-on (quite hands-on, in fact) support of our program and our charity athletes who support the girls. Regular runners in...

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Finish Strong!

Posted 7/16/2015 | Girl Stories

Blogging fills the email void, so let’s do it! We’ll start. Well, saying we’ll start is only half true – we’re retelling something you told us about one of our girls. One of your girls. Fiona. She’s running a leg...

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Starting a Girls on the Run Season

Posted 3/1/2015 | Training Tips

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

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Calling all Coaches!

Posted 1/5/2015 | What's new?

Coach Sign Up Ask our coaches and they will tell you that coaching Girls on the Run is the most rewarding way to volunteer.  Girls on the Run relies on the contributions of our incredible volunteer coaches to activate our 10-week program....

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December Scholarship Drive

Posted 12/2/2014 | What's new?

How Close Are We?? Its that time in our season when we receive requests for financial assistance AND we ask our supporters to help us reach our Scholarship Drive goal.   Never is it more clear to me how much a...

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New staff and volunteer vacancies

Posted 11/9/2014 | What's new?

Want to work with fun people? Gain on the job experience?  Give back your hard -earned knowledge and background to a deserving non-profit?  We need you. Help us bring the life-changing program to girls across the valley.  Please see our...

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Rosa Rocks!

Posted 9/23/2014 | Coach Stories

There are so many "firsts" for our newly independent non-profit.  Yes, Girls on the Run Willamette Valley has been serving girls since 2007 in Corvallis.  But this summer our organization made the big leap to independence.  We've struck out independently...

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