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Finish Strong!

Posted 7/16/2015 | Girl Stories

Blogging fills the email void, so let’s do it! We’ll start. Well, saying we’ll start is only half true – we’re retelling something you told us about one of our girls. One of your girls. Fiona.

She’s running a leg of the Barrel to Keg relay this weekend. Four miles!  

Fiona ran her first Girls on the Run 5K this May. According to her dad, she ran the first mile in 12 minutes. After a quick break at the mile one water stop, she asked her 5K Buddies if they were okay if she took off first. Yes, they said. Her next mile was 10 minutes. She finished her final mile in 9.

Here is where we to tell you something you already know: her positive experience wasn’t about a faster mile. She discovered something about herself through an experience. She discovered she can do it. And she did! It’s a discovery a girl can draw on for a lifetime.

Ask Fiona’s dad. He was one of those 5K Buddies. He knows she can do it, too.

Finish strong this weekend, Fiona!  

Your turn! How are your girls drawing on their own confidence to have new experiences? How about you?

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