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SoleMate Spotlight: Kathy Westervelt

Posted 8/26/2015 | Coach Stories

Beginning in 2012, Kathy has dedicated her time and energy as a coach and a SoleMate for Girls on the Run. She tied her SoleMates fundraising efforts to training for this year’s Tri at the Grove . . . and placed third in her age division! Congratulations, Kathy, for reaching your goal to improve your time, perfecting your transitions and exceeding your goal by placing!    

She has one goal left: to raise $262 for Girls on the Run. She’s nearly there!   

You can help her get there by donating to her SoleMates campaign.

A few years ago, a good friend of Kathy’s endured a terrible personal loss, and this friend traveled to Japan to assist with cleanup after the tsunami as a way to work through her grief. Kathy was inspired by her friend’s actions and felt to "do something that scares you" – in her case, sign up for a triathlon.  

As an adult, Kathy’s only time in the pool was spent in the kiddie pool teaching her son to swim, so she decided to hire a local swim coach – one who enabled and encouraged her to swim a mile in open water.  Kathy explains it was “Amazing!  I never thought I could do that, but now, I can't imagine not swimming.” While training for her first triathlon, she says she was humbled every time she climbed into the pool, onto the bike, and endured a "brick" workout.    

"But I believe that the training made me mentally, as well as physically, stronger."

Kathy discovered Girls on the Run about three years ago, and she says she was drawn to it because it seemed like a perfect blend of teaching and volunteering to help girls feel empowered, both physically and mentally. Girls on the Run gave her the opportunity to give back to the running community she’d been a part of since college.    

"Being with the GOTR group reminded me of how important it is to be surrounded by positive energy, and joyful and confident people.  Everyone benefits from an environment like that, especially girls at this tender age before adolescence."   

Maybe you’re already training. Maybe you’re thinking about trying a new sport. Maybe you’re thinking about trying a sport at all - your first 5K, your first half-marathon, your first triathlon. 

Make that maybe a definitely - be a SoleMate for Girls on the Run!

"With all the running events, and now triathlons that I am doing, I felt that it might be a fun way to earn some funds for the program that I love being a part of."    

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