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Become a 5K Buddy!

A 5K Buddy signs up to participate in the 5K Celebration as a one-on-one buddy for the day’s events. You run, walk, skip or hop with a GOTR girl at the Girls on the Run 5K  Celebration in Corvallis. That means keeping pace with the girl, ensuring her safety, and cheering her on.  For many girls, the final 5K Celebration is the biggest challenge and greatest accomplishment of their Girls on the Run experience. One of a girl’s favorite parts is having her very own 5K Buddy by her side!

The goal of Girls on the Run is for the girls to do their best and have fun! Girls are not encouraged to race competitively against each other, but are encouraged to push themselves to reach their own goals. 

Sign up today to be a 5K Buddy for the  Spring 2017 5K Celebration!

5K Buddies must be at least 16 years old (except siblings) and both female and male 5K Buddies are welcomed.

Spring 2018 5K Buddy Sign Up   

5K Buddy registration is open until May 3, 2017. 

If you are not signing up to support a particular team, our application will be forwarded to our Program Coordinator who will follow up with you shortly after. 

What it takes to be a 5K Buddy!

  • Enthusiasm!
  • Encouragement!
  • Serve as a role model for the girls by being on time, wearing appropriate athletic attire, listening attentively, having a positive attitude, and leading a healthy lifestyle.


Why is there a fee to sign up as a 5K Buddy?

Approximately 40% of girls in our program receive financial assistance in order to participate each season.  The 5K event fees support a portion of the 5K event costs which enable the program to continue to provide scholarships year after year.   

Estimated Time Commitment (travel time not included)

  • 1.5 hrs -- Join your team at their school Practice 5K (optional)
  • 4 hrs -- 5K Celebration (June 3, 2017)