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County Coordination Teams

Frequently Asked Questions

What to County Coordination Teams do?

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How do I get involved with my county's CCT?

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What counties comprise Girls on the Run Willamette Valley?

GOTRWV currently serves five counties:  Benton, Lane, Linn, Marion and Polk Counties.


What are County Coordination Teams?

County Coordination Teams (CCT) steer the Girls on the Run program locally.  CCT leadership allows the program to reflect the vision of each county and engage local community members in defining how and where to serve girls in their area.  It is comprised of a group of volunteers who believe in the mission of GOTR and want their county to participate in the program. Members of the CCT choose schools and organizations for partnership, attract and help train qualified coach mentors, coordinate outreach to share information about the program locally, and connect the program with donors and local businesses who want to give support.


What are the main areas of responsibility for a County Coordination Team?

For detailed information see: 

CCT Position Descriptions

Organization Chart

In summary, the three main areas are: 

  • Coach Support
  • Community Outreach
  • Fundraising & Scholarships


How many members are needed and what are the roles of a CCT?

Eight to ten people are needed to share the CCT roles in a fun and sustainable way.   One Coordinator and at least three people on each of the three main areas of responsibility

It is important to have enough people keep the work sustainable for a volunteer team to oversee the health and growth of the program over the years to come.  Both coaches and non-coaches are welcome!



  • County Coordinator
  • Secretary to record meeting minutes /action items
  • Coach Support Team
  • Community Outreach Team
  • Fundraising and Scholarships Team


What is the role of the County Coordinator?

  • Lead County Coordination Team (CCT) comprised of local program supporters.  
  • Set agenda and lead monthly CCT meetings
  • Help to recruit new members of CCT
  • Ensure records are kept of CCT meetings by a secretary (can be a rotating role)
  • Keep CCT task list and follow-up with team leads.
  • Maintain small inventory of GOTR merchandise and petty cash fund
  • Attend twice a year Coordinators retreat with all other CCT Coordinators from the Valley


Are all roles volunteer with Girls on the Run?

Mostly.  With more than 150 volunteer coaches, 250 committee and 5K event volunteers, current paid staff includes a Director, Program Coordinator and part-time Development Coordinator.  In our GOTRWV strategic plan, County Coordinators will paid by yearly stipend and travel reimbursement based on the size of the area served and county budget.   Funding for County Coordination is evolving and current funding for County Coordination is limited to Lane County.


What are the team’s primary responsibilities?

  • Plan and attend community outreach at local events, service organizations, and schools
  • Recruit volunteers:  coaches, practice partners, 5K buddies, fundraising volunteers, coach support team, GOTRWV board and board committee members
  • Recruit girl participants and support registration
  • Plan expansion and recruit new schools, distribute flyers, lawn signs and other marketing materials
  • Support local fundraising to include program sponsors, fund drives and local events
  • Support program quality with input on Coach Support Team (helps plan preseason training, program material distribution and season team visits)
  • 5K liaison (helps plan for transportation and for future 5K in local area)


What is the commitment to be on a CCT member?

  • Commit to a 1 year term
  • Regularly attend monthly CCT meetings (at least 80%)
  • Choose a primary focus (Coach Support, Community Outreach, Fundraising & Scholarships ) 
  • Note we often work all together on the three main areas.  For example, a community outreach event may be supporting coach recruitment and also reaching local businesses that have contributed to scholarship fundraisers. There is lots of opportunity for overlap.


Can I coach AND be on the CCT?

Yes, many of our CCT members do both.  However, it is important that each county involve as many non-coaches and former-coaches to help share the fun and to lessen volunteer burnout. 


What is support is provided to the CCT?

Monthly meetings are supported by at least one GOTRWV staff member.  Program coordination across all five counties involves preparing curriculum materials , online program registration resources, coach training, and marketing and outreach materials.  Additionally GOTRWV provides materials and support for various annual fundraising options including donor packets, charity athlete SoleMate support, and the end of year giving campaign.   The GOTRWV Board of Directors have membership from each county which lends additional support to the CCT.  Finally, the GOTRWV Fundraising Committee meets monthly and coordinates with all the counties to help meet fundraising and scholarship goals.


What if a county does not have a CCT?

With the active growth of the program across the whole Willamette Valley, it is no longer feasible to support a quality program that engages local community members without a County Coordination Team.  Starting in the Fall 2016, only counties with County Coordination Teams will host the middle school Heart & Sole program and open online registration for spring 2017.


 Is it possible to combine county coordination teams?

Yes, adjacent counties such as Polk and Marion counties may set up a combined CCT as long as residents from both counties are active members of the team.


What if a new county wants to join Girls on the Run Willamette Valley?

Lincoln County is currently the only additional county we can serve by our agreement with Girls on the Run International.  Yamhill County is currently not served by either Portland Metro Girls on the Run or our council and may be added to our area with a special application to Girls on the Run International.  All other counties must join the council designated to their area or start their own council.

For more information about other councils in Oregon see:  GOTR Portland MetroGOTR Central Oregon